Newborn Registry Items that are a MUST

July 28, 2020

I can’t even wrap my head around the idea that my baby is already TWO months old! They truly do grow so fast! It’s been incredibly challenging to get anything done because my baby boy prefers to be held 24/7 but somehow I was able to type this blog post up one handed! 😉

So many of you have asked for my newborn favorites, so here they are in no particular order!

Snuggle Me Organic- This item is one of the best things we purchased! I must say, I loved it more the first month than I do now though. As a newborn, he slept so well in it for supervised naps but these days, he prefers mamas arms! Definitely a must buy though! The sides hug him tightly so he feels secure and safe! Along with the Snuggle Me, make sure you purchase a cover for it for a quick and easy wash!

Solly Baby Wrap Carrier— This item is SOOO great for when they won’t go to sleep unless you’re holding them and you need to get things done! I also love the Wild Bird sling but Lincoln doesn’t love it quite as much! I’m thinking he’ll be more comfortable in it when he’s a little bigger! The Bjorn mini carrier is a great option if you’re husband is looking for something simple to put on! 

Hatch for Sleep— This is a sound machine and night light all in one! It’s connected to an app via your phone so you can easily access it even if its across the room during the night! I love to turn the light on first thing when I wake up to nurse him. It also has a timer so when they are a bit older you can use it as a way to train them to know when nap time is over or it’s time to wake up!

Owlet Sock (but not the camera) – I love the sock—mostly because it tracks his sleep and I can see how much he is sleeping or waking during the night, even when I’m not home. But I wouldn’t recommend buying the camera! It only allows you to connect via the app and then it drains your battery so fast! The sock gives me SO much peace of mind at night!

Lou Lou and Co Swaddles I have like 5 of these and I can’t speak more highly of them!! SO stretchy and amazing for swaddling at night! Keeps him tight and sleeping so well! 

Snuggle Me Organic Nursing Pillow – These are SO cute and a great item to take to the hospital! Again, I used this a lot during the first month when he needed the perfect position for breastfeeding, but now he’s a pro and we don’t need the support of the pillow quite as much!

The Advent Bottle Warmer Easy for middle of the night bottle feedings or for baby sitters while you’re gone! 

Boon Nurse Silicone Bottles– I swear by these! He takes a bottle so well and loves this brand!

Fawn Design Diaper Bag– This bag is AMAZING! Holds a ton of stuff and dad looks good when he’s carrying it around too! 😉

Design Dua Basket bassinet and rocker for sleep— So cute and Linc sleeps great in it next to our bed! 

Mesa car seat by Uppa Baby and Uppa Baby Vista stroller I did SO much research on these and finally settled for the best! We purchased the car seat brand new and the stroller on FB marketplace for half the price. Uppa baby makes such great products, I feel like Linc is so comfortable and safe in his car seat! Peace of mind trumps all. We also love to use the bassinet that comes with the stroller on overnight trips for him to sleep in! 

Changing basket and Insert Okay, okay. I like cute and unnecessary baby things! But this basket is perfect and looks SO cute in his nursery! It’s also a lot bigger than it looks and will work for diaper changes for a long time!

Primally Pure organic baby kit Expensive, yes but WORTH IT! The baby oil + balm are my favorite products in the kit! 

Blooming Bath- This product is amazing for bath time! Linc is now able sit up in it at two months and he’s always so happy during bath time!

One thing we haven’t purchased yet but I would definitely add to your list is a baby swing. Holding and rocking your baby is important and you shouldn’t rely on the swing but I am desperately needing a little extra hands free time these days!

Those are my TOP newborn favs!! For a complete list of my registry, checking out this link! I remember how overwhelmed I was when trying to put together my registry so I hope this helps a bit!! Happy shopping! 🙂




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