Erin + Logan Proposal // Lancaster, PA

December 26, 2018

CHRISTMAS PROPOSALS ARE THE BEST THING EVER. My family and I were SO EXCITED when my brother told us that he was going to propose to his girlfriend, Erin, right before Christmas. He asked me to help him scheme up a plan for the proposal and OF COURSE I said, “YES!!” I live for this kind of thing. 😉

We decided to plan a “fake” styled shoot. I reached out to Erin to see if her and Logan would be willing to model for the shoot. (Asking them to do something like this is not out of the blue) And while Erin was pumped about it, she knew Logan would not be equally as thrilled, so of course, he played the part… complaining the whole time leading up to the shoot and acting uninterested during it. Before we even arrived to the location, I explained to Erin that I had gone all out for this shoot… candles, champagne, flowers, etc… I didn’t want her to show up and think something was going on when she saw all of the “props.”

When we arrived, it was still fairly light out. We started about 20 minutes early because on the radar it looked like it was going to rain right at dusk which would have totally ruined all of our plans!! (We didn’t have any back up plans either) BUT when arrived, we got the most beautiful golden hour!! And the rain completely held off, praise Jesus! After shooting for about 20 minutes, I told Erin that I needed a few photos of just her by herself with the bouquet. During this time, Logan went behind her, grabbed the ring and prepared to get down on one knee! To get her to turn around, I then said, “Okay, now I need a few individuals of just Logan.”

CUE the proposal and all of the happy tears. We could not be more excited about gaining another sister. Erin, we love you so much!!

Flowers by: Petals with Style