October 10, 2018

Happy Wednesday! I’m attempting to start this thing where every Wednesday I share one wedding related tip for all of you brides to be out there!

Today’s tip is: IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, have your engagement photos taken by the same photographer who is capturing your wedding photos!

Here’s the thing, I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes it is just not possible for me to capture engagement sessions for my couples since well, most of my weddings are out state! BUT if you can make it happen, try to have your engagement photos taken by the same photographer who is capturing your wedding! Why?! Well here are my top three reasons.

  1. COMFORT & TRUST. Having the same photographer for both engagement photos and wedding photos is super beneficial in helping you get comfortable in front of the camera! Not only with your significant other but also with your photographer! Lets be honest, being in front of the camera can be weird and awkward, even I am not comfortable doing it! But if you’re comfortable with the person behind the camera, then you’ll be more at ease in front of the camera!
  2. PRACTICE FOR THE WEDDING DAY! I have a few set poses that I’ve nicknamed over the years and its my favorite thing ever when I show up to a wedding and I tell my couples to do a certain pose and well, they are already know what it is/ how to do it! It makes the day go smoothly and efficiently!
  3. CONSISTENCY. Choosing to have the same photographer capture your engagement photos as your wedding photos, means consistent and cohesive looking photos! You’ll have the same edits on both your engagement session and wedding photos and while its not the most important thing, it sure is nice to have the photos that are hanging on your wall someday, look aesthetically pleasing in your home! 🙂

If this was in any way helpful to you, head on over to my latest Instagram post and lets start a conversation!