Colorado Portrait Session: Tenley + Hayden

May 8, 2018

I know you’ve seen these sweet faces before!!

A few weeks ago Jake surprised me for my birthday with (already purchased !!) plane tickets to Colorado to visit family that I have out there! Of course, the second he handed me the tickets, I said “BUT JAKE, my cousin Michelle (the twins mom) is due, literally a week after we would be there!! He assured me that he made sure it was okay with them that we came and stayed with them even though Michelle was like 36 weeks pregnant. I said, “Sweetheart, Michelle is the sweetest person on the planet, she would never tell us not to come.”

Long story short, baby Tylee was born a few weeks early and we somehow got talked into going and staying in their camper. And I’ve decided, it is official, Michelle and her husband Vince ARE in fact, the sweetest people on the planet. And their girls? Equally as sweet. We had the best long weekend, hiking, jumping on the trampoline, making s’mores and just hanging out with family! Of course I snuck in a photoshoot of the twins and their newest, week old sister, Tylee. Thanks Vince and Michelle for letting us hang out and stay with you, even with your week old baby!! Y’all are the best ever. 

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