The Importance of Capturing your Wedding Day Details

April 11, 2018

So your wedding photographer asks you ahead of time to put all of your wedding day details in one place on the morning of your wedding. Everything from your dress and shoes, down to your earrings and even your invitations. Why though? What is the importance of capturing those inatimate objects on your wedding day?

Well first off, they make for beautiful photos. But more than that, it’s all about capturing the full story of your wedding day.

I like to show up on the morning of your wedding–just as your make up is getting finished. I want to capture you hanging out with your closest girlfriends, wearing your matching robes and sipping on mimosas. I want to capture your mom as she helps you slide into your dress and the emotions that you are feeling as you are getting ready to see your groom for the first time on your wedding day. I want to capture the shoes your going to wear, the earrings, your wedding ring, and even your wedding invitations. In 50 years from now, when you look back at your wedding photos, how amazing will it be to show your granddaughter the shoes and jewelry that you wore on your wedding day? Or the invitations, dating 50 years in the past. Most people hold on to their dress forever, but things like your invitations and your shoes, may not be around forever. This is why it’s important to have photos of them.

Here are 5 important detail shots that I make sure to get on every wedding day.

1. The dress. 

I always make sure to get a few shots of it alone, you (the bride) holding it, getting into it and of course, photos of you in it!!

2. The shoes. 

These are one of my favorite details to capture!! Shoes always say so much about my brides. They are always unique and I love that some brides go for something simple and some go all out!!

3. The rings. 

Okay, okay. My all time FAVORITE detail to capture. Hello BLING. I could photograph these alllll day. 😉

4. The jewelry and perfume. 

Hey brides, here’s a fun little tip! Gift your significant other a new scent for your wedding day! Then whenever one of you wears it, you’ll forever be taken back and reminded of your special day!

5. The invitations. 

Ahhh the first glimpse into every wedding day. Okay brides, Here’s a little secret/another tip for you. Invitations are the first thing that your guests will see that have to do with your wedding day! They have the ability to set the tone for your day, so why not blow them away with gorgeous invites and give them a little hint at how stunning your wedding will be?!

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I hope this helped you understand a little better as to why photographers take so much time to photograph even the littlest details! Every single part of your day is so important, so make sure that you’re not overlooking any part of it!