Why you should hire a professional photographer

April 2, 2018

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the line…”If there’s one thing I would change about my wedding day, its that I would have hired a good photographer.”

I always follow up with that statement by asking, “Well who did you hire?” And the answer is always, “We just had a friend of ours do it.” In the nicest way possible, I want to tell you that, “If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars to throw a beautiful wedding, why not have beautiful memories of it?!?!”

The flowers die. The cake gets eaten. The music fades. But something that you’ll have forever? PHOTOS. (Well, that and your husband/wife ;)) But seriously, someday you’ll want to share those photos with your kids, and your kids, kids. And your kids, kids, kids. You get the point. Hire a photographer who will capture your day in the most beautiful, raw, real and accurate way.

What do I mean by that? Well, your wedding photographer should be capturing your day as it unfolds. There is more to a wedding than just the pretty and posed photos. There are the in between moments as well, which make up the beautiful story of your day. From the getting ready photos, to your mom watching you come down the aisle, arm in arm with your dad, to the way your grandma is watching you dance the night away with the love of your life. You get to experience this day once in your life, make sure you hire someone who can document it well.

If you’re a bride and you’re reading this, you know there are a lot of decisions to be made during the process of planning a wedding and so I want this one to be easy for you. As your wedding photographer, here is what I will promise you…

I promise to capture the big moments, as well as in the in between moments. 

I promise to make it an experience that you will remember forever.

I promise to not over edit your images. I want you to be able to look back on your day and remember it the way it was. I promise to keep the colors true to life, the poses not so stiff and the emotions raw.

I promise to act not only as your wedding photographer, but also as your extra bridesmaid. I’ll hand you a tissue, help get make up stains out of your dress, pin boutineers, cry when you cry, smile when you smile. 

I promise to be assertive and to direct your day in a professional way that keeps family members on time and bridal parties under control.

I promise to capture your greatest day in the most beautiful way that I know how. I’ll photograph the smiles and the tears. The perfections and the imperfections. 

I promise to capture all of it. 

You’re creating a legacy. One worth documenting. One worth remembering and one worth sharing with the world.