It rained on our wedding day…

March 28, 2018

It’s true. It rained. My biggest fear came true. Our plan A was to have our ceremony outside on the terrace at Excelsior, but we had to move it indoors at the last minute. Guests walked blocks to our wedding venue…in the pouring rain. At one point it was storming so hard during our ceremony, that it’s literally all the guests could focus on. The trees were blowing, it was lightning and thundering and THE ROOF EVEN STARTED TO LEAK. ON A GUEST. It was like a MONSOON. But thankfully, it wasn’t an all day affair. We were still able to have photos outside, praise the Lord. And our back up plan, was just as beautiful as our original plan.

Yep, the photo above was our “plan B”. Which actually turned out to be probably even more beautiful than our original plan!! 

And you know what? I had NO idea what was even happening during our ceremony (until the roof started leaking and everyone started shuffling), but I was so focused on what was happening right in front of me, that I had no idea how hard it was actually raining. I was marrying the man of my dreams. Nothing could stop it, nothing could ruin it. 

Look at face ^ My favorite photo/memory of the whole day. 

Rain on your wedding day happens to the best of us. I’m a wedding photographer. I photograph weddings nearly every weekend. And while it doesn’t happen often, it happens. Be prepared. 

Here are my top 3 tips for being prepared for any kind of weather on your wedding day.

A. This ones easy. HAVE a back up plan. Just do it.

B. Hire legit vendors. I mean it. Hire professional wedding planners, who can take care of things like–having to change your plans at the last minute. They physically moved our ceremony from plan A location to plan B location. They assisted during the chaos that happened when the roof started to leak during our ceremony and they did so many other things that I probably, to this day, have no idea of!

Also, hire photographers who know what to do, when or if it rains. Thankfully we were able to have our photos take outdoors, BUT if it had rained ALL day, the photographer I hired was talented enough that she could make quick decisions as to where would make beautiful indoor portraits. 

C. Go with the flow. I stressed out FOR DAYS before my wedding about the weather. So much so, that I woke up so sick the day after our wedding. It’s like I was holding my breath for an entire week and then finally when I was able to breathe when it was over. But when I did, it all caught up to me and my body felt it. I wish I hadn’t stressed about it, because in reality, it happened and it didn’t ruin my day, not even a little bit. 

And guess what friends, the Lord even gave us a golden hour as the day came to an end. And the photographer in me, couldn’t have been happier!! Moral of the story, trust that no matter what happens, it will be a perfect day. 

Shout out to my incredible vendor team:

Venue: Excelsior // Wedding planner: Planned Perfection // Florist: Petals with Style // Photographer: Lauren Fisher Photography // Videographer: Cinema Four 40

If you want to watch our incredible wedding day video, check it out here !!  

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