2018 Vacation // Destin, Florida

March 16, 2018

Vacation. Something that is far and few between when you’re married to a farmer. It’s just one of those luxuries that I kinda, sorta had to give up when I married Jake. Temporarily give up, I mean. Actually, its not as bad as it sounds. We find time to get away, but we use excuses like, “work conferences” as our yearly vacation and then extend it into the weekend. The year that I get Jake to take off a full SEVEN days will be a MIRACLE. Nevertheless, I love him all the same. And I’m totally willing to sacrifice vacation time for him! 

This year we were able to sneak away for a few days in the sunny, not so warm, south. Jake attended a conference Tuesday-Thursday in northern Florida and then we headed south to meet up with his parents Friday-Sunday. It was, well, not your ideal kind of vacation weather. But I learned a few lessons that week. The biggest one being, that my life is actually pretty good. And if the fact that I am stressed about the weather being crappy on my vacation is my biggest worry in life, than I’ve got it pretty good. Like my dad says, “You need a real problem, to realize how good your life is.”

The first few days we stayed at the Henderson Beach Resort and Spa in Destin, Florida and it was AHHHMAZING. So beautiful and somewhere that we definitely would not have been able to stay at if we had to pay for it ourselves. 😉 

Of course we, errr, I planned a photoshoot for us while we were there. 😉 Shout out to my new friend Kayla for capturing the photos below! 

I also “worked” a little! Can’t help it when my job doesn’t actually feel like WORK!

We ended our time in Orlando with my in laws! And were blessed with ONE, super warm day! Thank ya JESUS! If you want to shop my looks, just click on the photo! Happy weekend, friends!