Things to consider if you’re having a winter wedding

January 2, 2018

The negative temps inspired todays post. It has been ridiculously cold here in Northeast Missouri, I mean like -15 ACTUAL TEMPERATURE, NOT REAL FEEL. WHAT IS GOING ON ?!! I did not sign up for this. I thought Missouri winters were supposed to be a breeze compared to Wisconsin. Here’s to hoping that warmer weather is on its way and until then, that our pipes don’t freeze. HA

Okay, but seriously, I’ve been wanting to write this post for awhile now. Brides who are choosing to have a winter wedding, this post is for YOU. 

First, let me start by listing the reasons why winter weddings are great. 

1. They are all kinds of cozy and romantic. Snow, Christmas, lights, candles, blankets…I mean seriously. The holidays are magical the way it is, deciding to have your wedding around the same time, just adds to the magic.

2. As photographers, our work load slows down in the winter, so, having a few winter weddings here and there really helps us not to get so stir crazy at home!

3. DISCOUNTS. Brides, did you know that many venues and vendors off winter discounts?! If you’re on a budget, why not choose to have a winter wedding!

Okay, okay. Now that you know my top 3 reasons for having a winter wedding, here are 3 things you should consider if you decide to have one.

1. DON’T FORGET ABOUT TIME CHANGE. I cannot stress this one enough. So often, couples will come to book me and they will have already chosen their ceremony and reception time, forgetting all about having your photos taken IN THE DAYLIGHT. If you absolutely DO NOT WANT to have a first look, then make sure you take into consideration what time it gets dark and leave at least a two hour time slot, post ceremony and pre darkness, for photos! Better yet, book your photographer first, and ask him/her for their help on creating the timeline of your day!

2. This one has to do with #1. If you are having a winter wedding, please, please, PLEASE consider having a first look. Remember, it gets dark by 4:30 pm during the winter months, which means, your ceremony needs to be over by at least 3 IF you choose to forgo a first look. But, to keep things running smoothly during the day and to make the best use of your time, consider having a first look and getting all of your photos out of the way pre ceremony and while there is still plenty of light out! Your photographer (and your guests) will thank you.

3. Be prepared for anything that winter may throw your way. Gift your bridesmaids fuzzy shawls to wear in case of frigid weather. Offer your guests warm hot cocoa and hot serve soup as an entree. Provide hand warmers for your photographer, cough, I mean bridal party. (I bring my own ;)) Buy an adorable pair of boots to slip on for photos (in case of snow) then your feet wont freeze. Also, buy a few clear umbrellas, if it does snow, that way you can protect your hair! Pick out photo locations that are actually pretty in the winter, such as a Christmas tree farm! It really doesn’t get any more magical than that! Evergreen trees are always green and they are a great option as a backdrop for photos! Things can get pretty dull in the winter, so keep that in mind!

Okay, okay. I could go on and on! But I’ll stop here. Winter weddings can be amazing but they need to be done right!

With that being said, as a little New Year’s special I am offering a winter wedding discount! If you are getting married in 2018 OR 2019, during the months of November-March, I am offering (this month ONLY) $500 off of ANY collection you choose!

Act fast! This only lasts for 30 more days! Shoot me an email for more info and pricing! 

Haaaappy New Year, friends!