Wisconsin Fall Portrait Session: Brooke

September 27, 2017

It’s no secret that I’ve got some pretty beautiful sisters! Which is why I take every opportunity that I have to put them in front of my camera! 

My baby sister (who you’ve seen in previous posts) is in high school and I have no shame in the fact that I go to her for all of my make up/clothing tips. My **almost** TWENTY year old sister, Brooke is the one that I always go to for love and advice. We are similar in many ways and completely opposite in others. We tend to think alike and literally finish each others sentences. Sometimes I think that we are twins who were born 5 years apart. Brooke is living in Montana right now and I am in Missouri but even still, we tend to do so many things the same! For example, the other day I FaceTimed her, just to say hi, and ironically we were simultaneously cooking the EXACT SAME DINNER. Same recipe and everything! (It’s not even a recipe that either of us had made before. Just one of our favorites from our momma!)

All this to say, sisters are the best thing in the world but I’m pretty sure that everyone is already aware of how much I treasure sisterhood. In honor of how much I love them and the fact that the weather is FINALLY cooling down and feeling like Fall, I’m sharing this session of my sister that we actually photographed last SPRING in Wisconsin. It could totally pass as a fall session though and for that reason, I decided that it was a good time for it to finally make an appearance on the blog! 

If you want to follow my ranch-living, tender-hearted, adventurous, God-fearing, sister on Instagram, you can find her here! She is the sweetest and cutest little westerner you’ll ever meet!