Personal: A Crazy Month and a New Beginning

June 28, 2017

This past month has been crazy, to say the least. So I figured it was time for another update and maybe even a few poor quality iPhone photos.

In May, Jake and I found out that we may be moving 7 hours south for his job. It was a decision that was made quickly and at the last minute. Read more about why we moved HERE.

We had plans to travel “home” to Lancaster, PA months before and those plans just so happened to fall right in the midst of the crazy. I still can’t decide if the timing was a blessing or a curse. Let’s just say, we found out two days before going to PA that it was Jake’s last week at Chilton Dairy AND that he would be leaving to go to Missouri the day AFTER we got home from our little vacation out East. So basically insert every emoji ever created and that’s how I was feeling. 

After a week of what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation, turning into photoshoots x10, we made it back to Wisconsin, and the following day, I kissed my husband goodbye for 3 weeks. That’s right. He left me to pack up our entire apartment, and finish up a few weddings and photoshoots that I had planned. It’s okay though, because in the midst of this insane life change, I felt and still feel, incredible peace through it all. We know 100% that Jake is where he is supposed to be and that can only mean that I am where I’m supposed to be as well. Here is one thing I have learned through it all, as long as my husband is happy, I am happy. The Lord has been so good and after living in a hotel for a month, we finally found the perfect little apartment and settled in just a few days ago. Let me just say one thing, living on the third floor of an apartment definitely teaches you a lot of things. The biggest thing being, you learn to be grateful for the little things in life, like the fact we now have a garage AND a patio. (It’s a small one, but at least we have one and we are COMPLETELY in love with it). 

I could go on, but who wants to read more? Instead I’ll show you a glimpse into our lives this past month through iPhone photos 🙂



Like I said, Jakes transition was fast and it didn’t give him much time to wrap things up. Jake is an incredible boss, which made it hard on his employees when he announced he was leaving. It was also incredibly sad for Jake (and for myself) to say goodbye to Chilton Dairy. Our first year of marriage memories were here but Chilton Dairy and the kids will forever have a spot in our hearts. 

Packing up our first apartment was equally as sad. I will miss that big open apartment, the tall windows and the natural light it provided. What I will not miss? THOSE STAIRS.

The last week of May we got to go to PA for a few days and of course, it was nothing short of amazing. Somehow though, my relaxing “vacation” turned into a work-cation. But I’m not mad about it. We had a lot of family and friend time and that is all I could ever ask for.

We also celebrated our 1st anniversary, of course weren’t together on the exact day, so we celebrated early with a photo session by Val Stoltzfus!

ALSO, PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!! JAKE CUT HIS HAIR!! So uh, yeah, kind of a big deal. He came back to Wisconsin to help me officially move and the second I saw what the humidity did to that hair I said, “IT’S GOT TO GO.” 

We lived in a hotel for a month here in Quincy, IL while we searched for an apartment. During that time we got to spend A LOT of time checking out what Quincy has to offer. (Because who wants to stay inside a hotel room for hours on end?) From the Mississippi River, to all of the restaurants downtown, you could say we know this town pretty well by now AND we are sick of eating out!

Within that month span I actually ended up going to PA twice– the second time, without Jake. 🙁 But I got some more quality friend and family time!

It was a crazy month to say the least but we are so thankful for every second of it and even more thankful that it is the end of June. I would like to think our lives are finally starting to slow down since we moved into our apartment but my traveling has just begun! (Off to Manitowsh Waters, WI this weekend. Talk up UP NORTH.) Thankfully I got to spend *almost* a week in our new home. Things are not quite completely unpacked yet, but we are getting there. In the past 3 days that we have been here, we have spent 90% of our time outdoors on our patio. It’s safe to say, we are loving life in our little cul-de-sac on Locust St. 🙂

**We have two bedrooms, and we would LOVE to host you!! So come visit us!**