Stoltzfus Family

June 23, 2017

You may recognize this family from their last photoshoot in the Colorado Rockies. I mean, it’s nearly impossible to forget these adorable twin girls. Years ago, when I had just graduated high school, I took a trip out west to visit my Colorado family. It was trip that changed everything. Why you ask? Well, here’s something you may not know about me, I have a HUGE extended family. 50+ cousins, on ONE side alone. And because it’s so big, it takes effort to get to know all of them. This trip changed everything because now, I know them. Since that trip, we’ve spent a lot of time together and we’ve gotten so close! It’s my favorite thing getting to see them throughout the years and photograph their adorable family. Also, just so you know, Hayden and Tenley are four AND three quarters, they used to be four and a half, but now they are four and three quarters. 😉