Why Father Daughter First Looks are Everything

June 13, 2017

Bride and groom “first looks” are something that have become extremely popular over the past few years and we as photographers absolutely adore them! And encourage them!

Even more recently, a first look between a father and his daughter on her wedding day, have become a thing! And rightfully so! From the walk down the isle, to the father daughter dance, a father plays huge role in a brides wedding day. So why not set aside a time for the bride and her father to spend time together on the wedding day and to capture that beautiful relationship?

Your dad loved you first, and he’s giving you away. He’s giving you to another man who will provide and love and take care of you for the rest of your life, just as your dad did in all the time that led up to your wedding day.

Thats a big deal.

So set aside that time to allow your dad to see you first on your wedding day before he gives you away. Because by doing that you can capture the pure joy he is feeling, the tears of happiness streaming down his face and the proud look in his eyes.

And that, that is everything.

Abby and her father had a special relationship that was evident from the first time he saw her on her wedding day.  Scroll down. See for yourself.