June 2, 2017

YES. It’s true. We’re moving. Crazy, I know. You’re probably thinking, “But didn’t you guys JUST move to Wisconsin?” Yes. In fact, less than a year ago we did. 

So here are a few answers to some questions that you may have.

Where are you moving? 

We are moving to northeast Missouri, we have yet to find a place to live, so currently we are living out of a hotel in Quincy, IL. 


Why are you moving?

My wonderful, wildly passionate, and driven husband is the reason we moved to Wisconsin in the first place. He was offered an incredible opportunity to start up a dairy farm in Chilton, WI. The catch was, it was a goat dairy. Jake grew up on a cow dairy in western NY, so goats were completely out of his comfort zone, but he is always up for challenge! In January 2016 he moved to the midwest, leaving me in Pennsylvania to finish planning our wedding. 

Following our wedding in June 2016, I moved out with him and we settled into our little town, also known as the “Goat Milk Capital” of the country. No joke. Read more about that here: http://www.wisfarmer.com/story/news/2017/05/25/new-dairy-goat-farms-satisfying-market-demands/345547001/

A year and a half later, the dairy is up and running with 9,000+ goats and Jake was ready to move back to cows. Just a few weeks ago Jake was offered the opportunity to manage and grow another dairy for the same company he worked for in Wisconsin. (MilkSource). While this opportunity could have been better timing (for me at least) it was too good to turn down. So here we are 🙂 

You can read more about the dairy Jake is managing here: http://heartlandmissouri.com/2017/05/3126/ 

Photos by: Alex Good


But aren’t you shooting weddings in Wisconsin?

YES. And while I will be doing quite a bit of traveling back and forth from Missouri to Wisconsin, I couldn’t be more excited to finish out this season as Jenna Kutcher’s first ever associate photographer! 

Where will you be photographing weddings next year?

My goal is to market myself as a midwest wedding photographer. I hope to photograph many of my weddings in Quincy, IL since it is the closest city but I also plan to travel around the midwest to capture love stories! You’ll also see me traveling to NY and PA quite a bit as well!

Are you excited?

ABSOLUTELY. I know the excitement will come in waves. But we feel so confident that the Lord brought us here for a reason. While I feel overwhelmed about having to find a place to live, traveling 5+ hours for all my weddings every weekend, and adjusting to a new community, I also feel incredible peace.

Now, I have a question for you. Will you keep us in your prayers?

The dairy that Jake will be managing was previously ran as a ministry for men and women who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. While the ministry that the diary was a part of will no longer be continued by MilkSource, a number of the employees will continue to work there under Jake’s management. They have no idea yet, just how lucky they are to have Jake as their boss. He has already had multiple spirit-led conversations with a few of his employees. Some employees are openly sharing their testimonies and Jake is sharing his heart with them as well. I don’t think there could be anyone more suitable for the job. We would greatly appreciate if you would cover Jake and La Belle Dairy with your prayers; as Jake not only leads this dairy to success but also as he acts as a mentor to these employees who are so new in their faith.

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