Wedding : Abby + Jesse

May 30, 2017

Happy Tuesday! I am so excited to be sharing this blog post! A week and a half ago I flew home to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to visit family but also to photograph my cousin’s wedding! Jesse and his sweet bride Abby have been doing long distance for quite some time, which made their wedding day, that much more special! I’m so happy for these two, as they close the door of long distance; say goodbye to hours spent on the road and make tearful goodbyes a thing of the past. They now get to spend all of their days together and I know just how incredibly good that feels!

So, grab your tissues, because this post is full of sweet moments! Abby + Jesse love on their friends and family so well and it was incredibly evident throughout their entire day! 

Venue: Private Estate

Second Photographer: Valerie Stoltzfus

Videographer: David + Sarah

Florist: Moss and Vine