Engagement: Kelsey + Jimmie

May 24, 2017

There is just something so special about this couple. 
Maybe it’s the fact that they are completely natural in front of the camera (in 90 degree heat, mind you) or the fact that every photo I look at takes me back to elementary school.

I remember that moment of walking into my first day of the 1st grade and instantly connecting with the new girl. Between 1st grade and our last day of middle school we had between 4 and 5 girls come and go every year. But by the end of our time at the small private school, we were the only two girls left. We NEVER would have imagined that 17 years later I would be behind the camera documenting the biggest day of Kelsey’s life. And her fiancĂ©? He’s a keeper. The way he embraced her when I asked him to simply hug her and how he didn’t complain even once about the insanely hot weather. And I mean, these two. They definitely aren’t hard on the eyes.  I can’t even tell you how much of an honor it is to be the one capturing their wedding day in just a few months! September, come soon!