February 24, 2017

If you follow me on Instagram or know me personally, then you most likely know about the “adventurous” weekend of travel that I had almost two weeks ago. As a wedding photographer, you know that traveling to a wedding can be SCARY. All of the “what if’s” run through your head. What if my flights get cancelled, what if I don’t make it, what if the weather is so bad that I can ‘t get there, what if, what if, what if. 

Guess what?

All of my “what if’s” became my reality when traveling to New York from Wisconsin to photograph Stephanie and Tyler’s wedding. My flights were delayed, then cancelled, and then a snow storm hit. But that story is for another day. Let’s just say, I have REALLY good friends. The kind that give up their whole weekend to take you where you need to be, even if it means hours of driving on snowy roads. 

BUT. I MADE IT. AND I DID NOT MISS THE WEDDING. And that is the important part.

Stephanie and Tyler are friends that I made through my husband. He went to school with them at Cornell University and when they asked me if I would fly back to photograph their wedding AT CORNELL, I could not say no. It was just as amazing as I had pictured in my head. They held their ceremony at a little chapel on the campus and we laughed our way around Cornell taking portraits at all their favorite locations. Even at an amaaaazing library (see below). Their reception was along the water in Watkins Glen and it was magical. The day was a perfect 40 degrees, right smack dab between two days of snowstorms. Stephanie was truly one of the most relaxed and happy brides I have ever worked with. And Tyler was equally as excited and calm. Looking back on the weekend, I don’t even remember how painful it was getting there, because it turned out to be one of my favorite weddings and weekends ever! 

Thank you Lyndsi Photography  for second shooting!